Welcome to VSEit - the Versatile Simulation Environment for the internet.

VSEit will help you
  • to build simulation models,
  • and to make them accessible to a wide range of users via internet.


    VSEit is a framework of over 50 Java classes that facilitates implementing simulation programs and disseminating them via internet. Ongoing development of this piece of software is guided by two intentions:

    1. Let modelers easily build a wide range of Java based simulation models while not limiting the capability for adding custom components.
    2. Make the resulting simulation models accessible to a variety of users that might wish to
    Accordingly, VSEit exhibits (or will exhibit) a set of features summarized in the table below.
     Modeler's Perspective
    User's Perspective
    Efficient implementation of object-oriented, stochastic event driven simulations Similar appearance and usage of different simulations
    Easy-to-customize components for parameterization and graphical output Modern GUI, interactive simulation control
    Easy dissemination of simulations via WWW Easy access of simulations via standard WWW browser
    Templates for model documentation Integrated documentation and help facility
    Uniform definition of parameter variations Simulation experiments
    Graph library to facilitate the handling of complex models Graphical specification and output of network structures
    Libraries for modeling agents (e.g., belief networks) Multi-agent models
    Client server implementation Distributed gaming

    Follow the links below if you like to learn more about VSEit, look at some examples, or inspect the documentation for modelers and users: